Oral Myofunctional treatment/Myofocus

Crowding, too much spaces, bite problems or jaw growth problems are common problems that we can see from children’s mouths. If we seek to straighten our children’s teeth, we think of braces to fix the problem however in some cases we can address the problem without use of braces when appropriate.

Some dental problems develop at an early age and most can be developed by harmful oral habits eg mouth breathing, thumb-sucking, incorrect swallowing or tongue position, hereditary predisposition, neurological deficiencies, development delays, or functional issues eg. tongue or lip tie, or even airway obstruction. These can disrupt correct development of the child’s jaw and contribute to poor facial appearance and crooked teeth.

The use of oral myofunctional training and removable appliances will help to address these issues and help jaw development naturally with the aim to avoid or minimize the chance of the requirement for braces and to prevent jaw surgery at a later stage.

Not every case is the same as the success outcomes of treatment depends on patient compliance and individual biological factors.

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