First visit appointment

Here at Inverloch family dental we like to do a comprehensive examination on all our new patients. We don’t do treatment on the first appointment, as we like to look at what’s going on in your mouth as a whole.

How long is my first appointment?

This appointment goes for around 1 hour and during this time we collect data of the condition your mouth is currently in.

How much does it cost?

It is a detailed exam valued at $542, but we offer to you for only $295.

What’s involved?

The comprehensive exam entails a full exam of your teeth/mouth, we take 2 types of photographs, standard photos so we have a record of your teeth in their present condition. Our other camera is a fluoresce camera which shows us any early signs of decay. We do a full set of XRAYS, bitewing/periapical and OPG (full jaw).

These XRAYS are only needed to be taken once every 18 to 24 months as recommended by the ADA.

We also crack test, pulp test and cold test your teeth to check the vitality of your teeth.

What’s next?

Your dentist will go through the findings from your appointment and get you back for a complimentary treatment presentation.

Child’s appointment

We would love to see your child for their first dental appointment. We make sure that your child gets a fun and friendly dental check-up by our well trained, caring dentist.

Paediatric dentist

Tonya, the dentist who has a passion for paediatric dentistry, will look after your child’s mouth to be healthy.

Calm, fun and relaxing

We want their dental visit and experience to be as comfortable and as easy as possible.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

We offer dental appointment for children who are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. This dental scheme provides basic dental services for children between 2 and 17 years of age.

We are here to help

Not sure whether your child is eligible for this scheme? You can find out from the Department of Human Services website or we can find out for you on the phone.

If your child is not eligible for CDBS, don’t worry. We offer special rates for child dental appointments so find out by calling our team on 5674 2691