Full dentures or Partial dentures

Dentures are designed to replace teeth of an upper or lower jaw, the type of dentures include.

Full dentures and partial made from Chrome or acrylic materials.

  1. A conventional denture (removable) placed in the mouth after all of the teeth have been removed and the extractions sites have healed, usually takes 6-8 weeks after extractions.
  2. An immediate denture is placed at the same time as the teeth are extracted, must be relined or remade in about 3-6 months following extraction and insert of dentures. This is due to gum and bone shrinkage in the healing time.
  3. A partial denture is a removable appliance to replace space created by missing teeth. They are usually in two types: Acrylic vs Cobalt Chrome. They are held in the mouth by anchoring on natural teeth.