Dental implants

When there is missing single or multiple teeth, dental implants can be one of best, permanent replacement solutions.

Dental implant is best described as “a replacement for the root of a missing tooth”. It is made up of titanium which is placed into the jaw bone then the bone integrates with the implant. Once this firm integration is achieved, the artificial teeth (crown) can be placed to act like a natural tooth.

Who can have benefits of having implant?

–          Unbalanced bite due to missing tooth/teeth

–          Having difficulty in chewing

–          Unpleasing smile

–          Replacement option that is fixed and life-time solution

–          Saves other teeth by preserving the position of other teeth and bone where tooth is missing

Not everyone is suitable for dental implants

–          Comprehensive assessment and planning are critical part of the whole procedure to give plan that is safe and precise therefore all necessary tests, x-rays and scan of teeth are essential.

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