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General Anaesthetics

One study done in New Zealand in 2004 (Int J Paediatr Dent. 2004 Sep;14(5):317-25.) concluded that treating young children with high disease experience in a single session under general anaesthetics results in immediate improvement

in oral health and aspects of their Quality of Life for both the children and their families.

Often it is a bad experience at the dentists at young age that creates ‘dental phobias’ for rest of that person’s life. We believe that dental treatment under general anaesthetics can help many patients. Dr. Tonya Kirk regularly treat patients at Wonthaggi Hospital.

Our Belief

We have developed Preventive Dental Care Program(PDCP) and Comprehensive Exam Program (CEP) for your family. We belive that benefits to the community are long term financial savings due to reduced dental restorative costs, long term dental health benefits due to vastly reduced incidence of diseases, and overall reduced levels of stress and anxiety due to lowered incidence of personal ‘dental phobia’.

Our Focus

Prevention is our primary focus! We believe that preventive dental care is the key for a healthy life and smile. We want to prevent the tooth decay for your kids and eliminate gum disease in adults. Using advanced state-of-the art equipments, our team of dentists, dental therapists and a dental technician is devoted to give you and your family the very best of modern dentistry.