Inverloch images 13 - Regular dental check ups a ‘no brainer’ for the Andersons

Regular dental check ups a ‘no brainer’ for the Andersons

As a busy mother of three, Inverloch’s Trina Anderson is all smiles when it comes to her family’s next trip to the dentist.

Since discovering Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule – a generous government dental grant for eligible children – Trina’s three kids have become regulars at Inverloch Family Dental.

And believe it or not, Froley, 8, Zeb, 6 and Dae, 3 are “almost excited” about going in for their next check up.

“From the first time we came to Inverloch Family Dental a few years ago, we found the staff extremely friendly and
very relatable for the kids,” Trina said.

“They make it a relaxing and joyful experience, rather than the ‘daunting’ dentist visit that people can often think about.”

All of the Anderson family’s check-up costs, including X-rays and thorough examinations, have been covered by the Child Dental Benefits Schedule – a government benefit that allocates $1000 worth of treatment to every
eligible child between 2 and 17 over a two year period.

“All up the CDBS has covered us for more than a thousand dollars worth of treatment, so it’s been an absolute no-brainer. If you’ve got kids, you’d be crazy not to make the most of it,” Trina said.

Trina implored other parents to take advantage of the CDBS at Inverloch Family Dental’s clinic, specially designed for child check-ups and treatments, including examinations, cleaning, extractions, X-rays and fillings.

“I think some people hear about ‘special offers’ and can think of them as a bit of a scam, as if it’s too good to be true.

But the CDBS is excellent, it’s been such a great way to ensure we’re on top of our kids’ dental health.” As a local business owner of Invisage Blinds in Inverloch, Trina said it was fantastic to have convenient access to
quality dental services on her doorstep in South Gippsland.

“It’s been super convenient for us, the staff have always been accommodating in booking after school visits, there’s definitely a great relationship going on between us and the clinic staff,” Trina said.

“As a parent that makes me feel relaxed, it’s not a chore that you dread popping up in your schedule. They make it such an easy thing to work into your life and you know you’re doing the right thing for your kids.”

“It’s become very familiar there now. The staff know all our kids’ names and it’s something that they look forward to; they see it as excitement rather than something that they ‘have to do’”.

It’s a view shared by the Inverloch Family Dental team, who cherish the opportunity to watch young families grow over the years through their recommended 6 monthly checkup visits.

Trina said toys, ceiling televisions and kids gift bags were just of a few of the other ways the team at Inverloch Family Dental made children of all ages feel welcome.

“The clinic and all the equipment is very new and clean, it’s the perfect mix of professional medical service and that welcoming community feeling coming together, so it’s a really good fit for our family.”

Inverloch Family Dental will be celebrating its fourth year of trading next to the Post Office on May 1st.

For more information or to book an appointment call (03) 5674 2691, drop in at our friendly clinic at 2a High Street, Inverloch or visit

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